CCNP - Wireless Training & Certification Course

Course Overview

Valuable for the IT professionals who wish to make career in wireless LAN, CCNP Wireless Certification is the professional level certification for Cisco IT professionals.

CCNP Wireless training professionals provide the IT professionals with the learning helpful for implementing, designing and operating Cisco Wireless networks and mobility infrastructures.

Besides, enhancing and validating the expertise and technical skills of wireless professionals, CCNP Wireless certification training mainly focus on the study of wireless networking principles and theory.

It equips the IT professionals to aptly assess and translate network business requirements into technical specifications, and in a way assist them to incorporate the knowledge into successful installations.


Valid CCNA Wireless Certification or any CCIE Certification


CCNP Wireless training course is intended for the following audience:

Wireless Network Engineer
Wireless Test Engineer
Wireless Network Designer
Mid-level Wireless Support Engineer


CCNP Wireless training and certification program provides higher level of expertise to the IT professionals who are interested in advancing their career in Cisco Wireless technologies.
High in demand in the IT industry, CCNP Wireless certification provide additional productivity to the world.
Besides, validating and acknowledging IT professionals’ knowledge in advance level skills, CCNA Wireless training enhance immense career avenues in Cisco wireless networking.

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