EC Council - Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH v9) Training

Most Advanced Ethical Hacking Course

Certified Ethical Hacker Training program is at the pinnacle of the most desired Information Security training program that anyone in the Information Security domain would ever wanted to learn. CEH v9 training is an Accredited Training Program provides ethical hacking tools and techniques implemented by hackers and Information Security pros in the same manner to break in any organization.

CEH v9 Training immerses you in the techniques that make you acquire Hacker’s mindset to enable you to defend against future probable attacks. In CEH v9 Training and Certification program from Mercury Solutions you get to scan, test, hack and secure your own given systems. Upon completion of CEH v9 training course, you are well-equipped with the five phases of ethical hacking and learn to approach your target and succeed at breaking in every time.


Covers 270 Attack Technologies commonly used by hackers, 18 most current security Domains
Designed over 140 Labs by security experts with real-time scenarios in the training course
Access over 2200 commonly used Hacking Tools
1685 specially designed Slides to help you understand complex security concepts
You gain mastery over ethical hacking methodology which is used in Penetration Testing situation.
Prepares you for EC-Council Certified Ethical Hacker 312-50

Who should participate?

Security Professionals
Security officers
Site Administrators


Basic Networking
Basic Knowledge of Server and Network Components

CEH v9 Exam

Certified Ethical Hacker - CEH v9 - 312-50

CEH v9 Benefits

With the increase in global demands of the information security professionals, CEH v9 training and certification is beneficial for the professionals to get the skills required by the hiring managers.
Industry is seriously facing critical shortage of required Information Security skill professionals (as per Washington post); in such a scenario CEH v9 training and certification program provides in-depth knowledge, hands-on experience of network security via the interactive and lab intensive environment to the professionals.
There is a dearth of skilled professionals in both Private and Government sectors (“around 4.7L cyber security professionals needed by 2015” - Economic Times), with CEH v9 certification candidates get acquainted and habitual with the latest hacking technologies making them job ready.
With the new iLabs, significant exposure to the real-life hacking techniques is given to the participants, besides getting knowledge from industry experienced and leading experts.
Information security professionals are in tremendous demands in various sectors, like -military establishments, government organizations, banks, private firms, financial institutions, etc.

What's New in CEH v9?

Focus On New Attack Vectors
Emphasis on Cloud Computing Technology
Main focus on Mobile Platforms and Tablet Computers
New Vulnerabilities are addressed
-Heartbleed CVE-2014-0160
-Shellshock CVE-2014-6271
-Poodle CVE-2014-3566
-Hacking Using Mobile Phones
Anyone who is concerned about the integrity of the Network Infrastructure
Coverage of latest Trojan, Virus, Backdoors
Courseware covers Information Security Controls & Information Security Laws and Standards
Labs on Hacking Mobile Platforms and Cloud Computing
More than 40 percent new Labs are added from Version 8
More than 1500 new/updated tools
Addresses security issues to the Latest Operating Systems like Windows 8.1
Focuses on addressing the existing threats to operating environments dominated by Windows 7, Windows 8, and other Operating Systems

Other EC-Council Courses

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