ECSAv9/LPT - Training & Certification Course

Course Overview

Mercury Solutions Limited being the leading Authorized Learning partner with EC- Council, known for providing best in class and quality official EC-Council ECSAv9/ LPT training program to the participants from across globe.

ECSAv9/LPT is the newly launched program and consists of two components namely - EC-Council Certified Security Analyst training and Licensed Penetration Tester performance based assessment.

In addition to complementing CEH training, ECSAv9 training equips professionals with the extended knowledge of this domain and bring outcome from these tools and technologies. The training further assists participants to use innovative methods and techniques for performing the intensive assessments necessary to realize and mitigate the risks of the security of the infrastructure.

LPT - Licensed Penetration Tester ensure that every licensed professional follows best practices in the domain of penetration testing and follows a strict code of ethics.


Basic Understanding of TCP/IP.
Windows/Unix/Linux systems or equivalent experience is mandatory.
Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) Certification is pertinent for LPT License.
EC-Council Certified Security Analyst (ECSA V8) certification for LPT.
Fill up and submit the LPT Application form along with required documents is required for LPT.

Who should attend?

System Administrators
Risk Assessment Professionals
Network Administrators
Firewall Administrators
Security Testers



Core Modules of ECSA

Security Analysis and Penetration Testing Methodologies
TCP IP Packet Analysis
Pre-penetration Testing Steps
Information Gathering Methodology
Vulnerability Analysis
External Network Penetration Testing Methodology
Internal Network Penetration Testing Methodology
Firewall Penetration Testing Methodology
IDS Penetration Testing Methodology
Web Application Penetration Testing Methodology
SQL Penetration Testing Methodology
Database Penetration Testing Methodology
Wireless Network Penetration Testing Methodology
Mobile Devices Penetration Testing Methodology
Cloud Penetration Testing Methodology
Report Writing and Post Test Actions

ECSA v9 / LPT Training Benefits

Being backed by the seasoned and experienced experts of the industry, the official curriculum provides best quality learning in ECSA training to the participants.
It provides you with better validation of your skills in security domain and legal and ethical acceptance.
Licensed Penetration Tester, endorsed by EC-Council provides practice as a penetration testing consultant internationally.
One gets access to EC-Council’s proprietary software, templates and penetration testing methodologies.

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