EC Council - Certified Secure Programmer (ECSP.NET) Training

Software bugs and other issues that crop-up every now and then in programming work, is due to lack of academic expertise in secure software engineering and secure software development. The problem is in the educational strategy which generally doesn’t provide training on secure programming at the undergraduate or even graduate level.

Course Overview

EC-Council Certified Secure Programmer certification provide the basic foundation required by all application developers and development organizations to create applications with greater stability and posing lesser security risks to the consumer. Incorporating the best practices followed by experienced experts in the various domains; this EC-Council Certified Secure Programmer certification regulates the knowledge base for application development. EC-Council Certified Secure Programmer - ECSP training course exposes and equip aspirants with the various programming languages from a security perspective.

Course Outline

Introduction to Secure Coding
Cryptography, Buffer Overflows
Designing Secure Architecture
Secure C and C++ Programming, Java and JSP Programming, ASP Programming
Secure XML, Web Services and AJAX, RPC, ActiveX and DCOM Programming
Secure Microsoft.NET Programming, PHP & PERL Programming
Secure Linux Programming
Secure Oracle PL/SQL Programming, SQL Server Programming
Writing Shellcodes, Writing Exploits
Secure Network Programming, Windows Socket Programming
Programming Port Scanners and Hacking Tools
Secure Game Designing, E-Commerce Applications
Secure Mobile phone and PDA Programming
Software Activation, Piracy Blocking and Automatic Updates
Writing Secure Documentation and Error Messages
Secure Application Testing

Who should Attend?

Recommended for .NET application developers with experience and interested in attaining skills in developing applications.


Well-acquainted with .NET programming language.

EXAM - EC-Council Certified Secure Programmer (ECSP) .NET - 312-93


ECSP training and certification program exposes you to a wide range of programming languages and provides you with knowledge on well endorsed secure coding practices.
Additionally, ECSP certification improves your employability in development organizations.
Besides, giving better exposure to application across platforms, ECSP certification and training enhances skill on writing better code and increases your efficiency to build secure applications.

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