RHCA - Training and Certification Course

Course Overview

Red Hat Certified Architect (RHCA) is the elite and one of the superior level Linux certifications. RHCA certification validates and displays IT professionals’ in-depth, hands-on skills for senior Linux system administrators responsible for the deployment and management of many systems in large enterprise environments.

Red Hat's Enterprise Architect training course provides exhaustive and practical training for the deployment and management of many systems in large enterprise environments. RHCA certification is thus considered as the acclaimed, most recognized and mature certification in the Linux space.


RHCE - Red Hat Certified Engineer

Who should participate?

Present RHCEs are eligible to be certified as a Red Hat Certified Architect (RHCA), however anyone can attend the courses in this track.
The senior Linux system administrators required to prove the skills and competencies.
The professionals wanted to validate skills like plan, design and manage open source infrastructure in large complex environments.

The RHCA exams are performance based and critically test the skills of the job role competencies. The current RHCEs will obtain RHCA certification only upon successfully passing all five expertise exams.

RHCA training program prepares you for:



RHCA training and certification program equips an IT professional with profound and in-depth skills and knowledge.
RHCA certification makes a Red Hat professional an exceptional asset for an IT organization.
Being a RHCA certified professional, one gets the exposure to play the role of technical leader in an organization and play vital roles in IT planning and management.
RHCA represents a body of skills that can drive innovation and ROI in an organization's IT investments.

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