RHCDS - Training and Certification Course

Course Overview

RHCEs (Red Hat Certified Engineer) who require demonstrating skills to use a broader set of tools from the Red Hat portfolio, mainly seek Red Hat Certified Datacenter Specialist - RHCDS certification.

RHCDS training and certification program equip IT professionals with expertise in areas significant to mission critical datacenter environments. RHCDS certification is required by RHCE certified professionals to utilize tools and to implement reliable, scalable and manageable solutions.

RHCDS training program train IT professionals with skills in directory services or authentication or in managing virtualized systems. Additionally, RHCDS may also have the following skills:

Installing and configuring a Red Hat Network Satellite server
Managing data using logical volumes and snapshots
Using Cobbler and Satellite to install, configure, and manage systems
Configuring users, groups, administrators, and activation keys on a Satellite
Configuring iSCSI targets and initiators
Creating base and child channels on a Satellite
Configuring a Kerberos realm
Configuring a GFS file system to meet performance, size, and quota objectives
Configuring Red Hat Directory Server to provide a centralized directory with access control
Configuring high-availability clusters using physical or virtual systems
Configuring and managing hypervisors and virtual hosts using Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization
Configuring Red Hat Enterprise Linux® clients to authenticate using various mechanisms including Kerberos, LDAP and Microsoft Active Directory


Current RHCE certification is required.
Also, RHCEs are required to demonstrate skills that are particularly required for datacenter environments, such as - systems deployment, systems management, clustering and storage management.

Who should participate?

RHCDS certification is primarily designed for:

RHCEs those are required to validate skills required to implement reliable, scalable and manageable solutions for an enterprise environment.
RHCEs those are on the path to being awarded Red Hat Certified Architect (RHCA) credentials.

RHCDS training and certification program prepares you for:

RH401 - Red Hat Enterprise Deployment, Virtualization, and Systems Management
RH436 - Red Hat Enterprise Clustering and Storage Management
RH423 OR RH318 - Red Hat Enterprise Directory Services and Authentication OR Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization


RHCDS training and certification program get RHCE certified professionals to perform IT skills from Red Hat portfolio, like - areas significant to mission critical datacenter environments.
Red Hat RHCDS certification get RHCEs with immediate recognition in the industry.
Red Hat RHCDS training and subsequent RHCDS certification increase customer confidence and act as a concrete proof of one’s credentials and skills in this particular domain.
IT professionals upon completion of Red Hat RHCDS certification, may use the certification logo on the business cards.
After attainment of the RHCDS certification, professionals are allowed to access to access multiple Red Hat Certificated Professional online communities (like Facebook and LinkedIn), additionally it gives ability to access to Red Hat Certification Central website.
Certified IT professionals may also download certification logo, purchase Red Hat Certification gear, access Red Hat Certified Professionals forum.
In addition, Red Hat Certified Professional job search is available to such Red Hat RHCDS certification holders.

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