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Android Application Development training Course

Course Overview

Android Application Development training from Mercury Solutions equips you with skills essential in order to design and create operational Android application. You gain skills on key Android APL component and interactions. As android is one of the most popular operating system for smart devices such as mobile phones and tables, it is in high demand among IT professionals. Being a software stack for mobile devices that includes an operating system, middleware and key applications. You require to gain proficiency in any software language to maximize your benefit from this Android App Development course, such as fundamental knowledge of Java from Mobile application development.

Android is designed and built on Linux Kernel and includes a set of C/C++ libraries, application framework and runtime environment alongwith a complete group of core applications. Necessary APIs and tools are provided from Android SDK for development. Android Apps are written in Java and executed on Android’s runtime. Android App Development course from Mercury Solutions cover processes such as - Sending SMS, Location based Services, Activities, Intents, Broadcast Receiver, Notification Manager, Working with Music API, Content Provider, Web Services and more.

Course Objectives

You learn skills to build and design Android application from the basic level.
Complete know-how of major components of an Android Mobile application and its entire life cycle.
You gain knowledge and ability to use different plug-ins and tools to debug and maintain your apps.
You get hands-on experience in using external resources, manifesting adapters and file intents.
Knowledge of application of Android storage tools and techniques – databases, files, content providers and preferences.


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AND-401 :  Android Application Development


Java Fundamentals for Android Development course.


Software developers aspired to design, create, deploy and test applications for the Android mobile phone platform.


Mobile Application Development course is high in demand among IT professionals these days owing to its widespread requirement in the industry.
Android App Development training from Mercury Solutions uses methods that equip you with knowledge to develop any App from the scratch.
You may take classes in both Classroom and Android online training mode.
You spend most of the time performing hands-on in labs rather than taking theory classes, so you are equipped with mitigating challenges in android implementation.
Upon completion of Android App Development training course, you may earn the job that you are aiming for in Mobile App development.
The course also enhance your credibility in the industry and hence you gain better rewards in your workplace.


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