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Android Security Essentials Training Course

Course Overview

Android Security Essentials training from Mercury Solutions include all the Android Security model for developers and end-users. The Android Security Essentials training revamp fundamentals of Linux security in Android and allows you to control access to the device features such as – network interface, stored information, camera and other features. This training equips you with required skills to demonstrate how its permission model interact with standard Linux Security. You will learn about implementing restricted access to system extension using custom permissions. Upon completing this course, you get prepared to give AND – 402 exam which leads you to the path of earning “Android Certified Application Engineer”

Course Objectives

Understand Android security model.
Understand Android software architecture.
Android Application building with best security practices.
Making more secure, appealing and robust application.


AND-402 :  Android Security Essentials


Basics of Android Application development knowledge.
Fundamental knowledge of Java Programming Language and Linux operating system.


Software developers aspired to design, create, deploy and test applications for the Android mobile phone platform.


Android Application Development and Android Security Essentials course are high in demand among IT professionals because of its widespread requirement in the industry.
Android Security Essentials course from Mercury Solutions uses methods that equip you with knowledge to Understand Android security model.
You gain building robust Android application using best Security practices.
Besides, learning better Android Software Architecture, you earn the job that you are aiming for in Android App development.
Also, you move ahead in the path of becoming an Android Certified Application Engineer which further enhance your credibility in the industry.


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