CHFI - Training & Certification Course

Course Overview

CHFI (Computer hacking forensic investigation) certification course equips the IT professionals with the process of identifying hacking attacks, by collecting evidence to report the crime. It is the meant to train the professional responsible to guard the organization from future attacks.

The candidate in CHFI training course learn about the EC-Council’s CHFI penetration testing methodologies and tools and also about the methods to conduct computer investigations using latest digital forensics technologies.


The eligibility for EC Council-Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator certification exam is:

CEH certification
Knowledge of TCP/IP

Who should participate?

The CHFI training and certification course is intended for:

E-Business Security professionals
Defense and Military personnelr
Systems administrators
IT managers
Police & law enforcement personnel
Government agencies
Legal professionals
Banking, Insurance and other professionals

CHFI training course prepares you for:

EC0 312-49


CHFI certification holders have been in high demand for jobs with law enforcement and that demand is growing.
CHFI Training & certification provides IT professional with hands-on technical skills.
Achieving this CHFI credential the individual is open to great career opportunities
One indeed becomes an important asset for the organization and can expect a good raise in the salary.
Moreover, certifications go a long way in retaining a technically skilled staff, as the growth opportunities that they promise considerably reduce rates of employee turnover.

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