CompTIA CTP+ - Training and Certification Course

Course Overview

CompTIA CTP+ certification is a globally recognized, vendor-neutral certification program that primarily validates the core knowledge and skills IT professionals require selling and servicing convergent technologies. The CompTIA CTP+ training program basically covers requirements analysis, implementation and management of basic data components and voice and multimedia applications, basic problem analysis and resolution for convergent technologies.

This replaces CompTIA Convergence+ as CompTIA's convergent technologies exam.

Upon completion, of CompTIA CTP+ certification program, IT professionals is considered having hands-on knowledge and equipped in sound knowledge of voice, video and data (data networking, telephony networking and convergence networking). CompTIA CTP+ training clearly demonstrated essential knowledge and skills in convergence industry standards and protocols, signaling, infrastructure, topology convergence, basic telephony, and Voice over IP (VoIP).

The candidates pursuing this course would learn:

The basics of LANs and WANs
Key networking protocols
Internet addressing
Networking models and topologies
Network operating systems
Wireless network technologies
Common telephony standards
TCP/IP troubleshooting
QoS technologies used in converged networks
Analog and digital signaling


There are no prerequisites for the CompTIA CTP+ certification exam.
However, it is recommended that candidates are CompTIA Network+ certified or have equivalent knowledge. 18 to 24 months of work experience in areas that include data networking, telephony and other convergence-related technologies is appreciable.

Who should participate?

Networking administrators
Systems engineers
Data communications technicians
Sales and marketing professionals
Telephony professionals

CompTIA CTP training prepares you for:

CTP TT0-201


The CompTIA CTP+ training & certification program proves the hands-on technical skills of the IT professionals.
Achieving this CompTIA CTP+ certification the individual is open to great career opportunities.
With this certificate in hand, one becomes an important asset for the organization and can expect a good raise in the salary.

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