MICROSOFT - MCSD Windows Store Apps - C# Training and Certification Course

Course Overview

The MCSD Windows Store Apps certification validates the ability to design rich and interactivity applications for Windows App Store that runs in Windows 8.1 platform. MCSD windows Store Apps – C# training program help you acquaint with knowledge and skills required to create attractive and immersive and also user friendly apps. The two methods of gaining expertise in development of Metro Style Applications is one - by using HTML and JavaScript and second to go through the C# and XAML method.

With MCSD Windows Store Apps using C# training course one get the following learnings –

1. Programming in C# – You get the knowledge of writing apps in C# and getting prepared in managing program flow, creating and using various value types, securing and debugging apps and implementing data access mechanisms.

2. Developing Windows Apps in C# – Complete knowledge of designing and developing Windows Store Apps including – user interface, layout, structure display and style templates.

3. Advanced Windows App Development with C# - You learn to make better styled, advanced interactivity and advanced featured apps, such as – multimedia, GPS, sensor properties and enhanced user interface.


Participants must have:

1. 1 – 3 months experience creating Windows client applications.
2. 1 or more years of experience creating applications.
3. 1 – 3 months experience using Visual Studio 2010 or 2012.

Windows Store Apps - C# Exams

70-483 Programming in C#
70-484 Essentials of Developing Windows Metro Style Apps with C#
70-485 Advanced Metro Style App Development using C#

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