Microsoft Training

Microsoft trainings convey worthy and considerable rewards to students, IT professionals and the organizations that employ them. The Microsoft training encourage and prepare for the certification exams which are designed to provide the needed recognition one needs to excel in one’s career and provide employers with validation of your skills. Acquiring Microsoft trainings helps provide you with relevant skills that can lead you to a fulfilling career.


MTA: IT Infrastructure Training Course
MTA: Database Fundamentals Training Course
MTA: Software Development Training Course
Microsoft MCSA SQL Server 2012 Training and Certification Program
MCSA: Windows Server 2012 training program
Microsoft MCSA Windows 8 Training and Certification Course
MCSE 2012 Desktop Infrastructure Training
MCSE 2012 Server Infrastructure
MCSE 2008
MCSE Private Cloud Training Course
MCSE Communication Training Course
MCSE Messaging Training Course
MCSE Sharepoint Training Course
MCSE Data Platform Training Course
MCSE Business Intelligence Training Course
MCSD Windows Store Apps - HTML 5 Training and Certification Course
MCSD Web Applications Training and Certification Course
MCSD Windows Store Apps - C# Training and Certification Course
MCSD Application Lifecycle Management Training and Certification Course
Microsoft SharePoint 2013 Training and Certification Program
Upgrade MCSA/MCITP 2008 to MCSA 2012 training
Clinic Windows 2012 training course
Upgrade path to MCSA - Windows 8
Upgrade path to MCSA Windows Server 2012
Upgrade path to MCSA SQL Server 2012


Microsoft Dynamics Courses

CRM 2011
CRM 2011 Combo
MCTS: Installation and Deployment
MCTS: Applications in CRM 2011
MCTS: Customization and Configuration
MCTS: Extending Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011
Workflow and Dialogs
CRM 4.0
CRM 4.0 Combo
MSCBMSS - Customization and Configuration
MSCBMSS - Installation and Deployment
Workflow in CRM 4.0
MSCBMSS - Extending
MSCBMSP - Applications
MSCBMSP - Installation and Deployment
AX 2012 Technical
MCTS : Installation and Configuration
MCTS : Development Introduction
Advance Development New
AX 2012 Functional
MCTS: Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 Financials
MCTS : Trade and Logistics
MCTS : Lean Manufacturing
MCTS : Public Sector New
AX 2009 Technical
AX 2009 Combo (Technical)
MSCBMSS - Morphx Solution Development
MSCBMSS - Installation and Configuration
Enterprise Portal Development
Career Enabler : AX 2009 Techno - Functional
AX 2009 Functional:
MSCBMSS - Trade & Logistics
MSCBMSS - Financial Series
MSCBMSS - Production
Career Enabler : AX 2009 Techno - Functional
MSCBMSS - Installation & Configuration
MSCBMSS - C/SIDE Introduction
MSCBMSS - C/SIDE Solution Development
Report Design
NAV 2009 Functional
MSCBMSS - Core Setup and Finance
MSCBMSS - Trade & Inventory
MSCBMSS - Warehouse Management
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